Borderlands 2: My Cel-Shaded Romp through Pandora

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At about 11:50 p.m. Monday night I was standing outside GameStop waiting for my turn to pick up my pre-order of Borderlands 2. Sadly, I didn’t get the loot chest…although I was tempted to tackle a guy leaving the store with one. Being a vault hunter has taught me to fight people for loot, and I was definitely tempted to fight that guy for his…especially after the people ahead of me in line starting smoking. Once that happened I was about ready to take just the garden variety copy of Borderlands 2 from someone just so I could fill my lungs with fresh air. Luckily my group was called quickly and I got my hands on my copy and sped home to play. Full disclosure: I haven’t finished playing through Borderlands 2 yet. Between school, teaching and well school…I’ve only been able to get to level 14 so far. If you haven’t noticed me posting recently (or commenting…or responding to comments) it’s most likely because graduate school is kicking my ass right now. But I have been able to play Borderlands 2 enough to get a feel for the game, and to fall in love with Pandora all over again.

So instead of a review, I’m just going to list some details of the game that I have fallen in love with, and I’m fully expecting all of you who are currently playing to share some of your favorite things as well. So here’s a list of things, in no particular order, that are great about Borderlands 2.

1.) The things Bandits yell as they are dying.

Bandits have always been a combination between absurd, hilarious and downright disturbing. The fact that I can shoot a Goliath’s head off, and it might grow back is terrifying and bizarre. In addition to the bizarre way they die sometimes, Bandits also have some hilarious lines in the process. For instance, when I shot one of the little guys in the face with my shotgun, he yelled “Yoooouuuu suuuccck” as he started running and I shot him a second time. It’s good to know that some insults just don’t go out of style no matter what planet you’re on.

2.) I love the word “minion”

The fact that Claptrap calls your character a minion throughout the game makes me giggle. I own the game Overlord for the Wii, and one of my favorite parts of that game was getting to control minions and having them call me overlord the entire game. Claptrap calling me a minion is hilarious for so many reasons, but mainly just because I could blow him out of existence. It’s just so darn cute when he tries to boss me around!

3.) Lilith

To avoid spoilers, let me just sum up this point in one word: cult.

4.) The Weapons!

So, I am playing as the Gunzerking and I use a lot of shotguns. My favorite shotgun has a passive that whenever I reload, I throw the shotgun like a grenade (it explodes and everything) and then magically another gun appears in my hands. I’m not sure who thought of that. It’s infeasibility is ridiculous. But it is just so much fun to do, and it has saved my life on many occasions. In general the weapons are creative, and some of them look pretty cool. I also really enjoy some of the grenade mods. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun throwing grenades at people in games.

5.) Salvador

I am currently playing as Salvador the Gunzerking. I haven’t had the time to try out the other classes yet (although I can’t wait to try out Zero), but I am definitely in love with Salvador. What I didn’t realize about him until I was playing co-op was that he is much shorter than all the other characters. This is reflected in game when sometimes you can’t see all the way into a box because you’re just not tall enough. I really like the consistency between his character design and the way that works in-game.

6.) Finally, the co-op is amazing. I can play split-screen with my husband and still hook up with some other friends online. It’s super easy to invite people, join games, etc and you typically get better loot! Here’s a video of some people playing co-op, just in case you were wondering how it worked.

I may do a longer review when I get further in the game, but you should probably stop reading my blog now start racing to your favorite gaming store and to purchase the game.

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