Infertility and False Equivalence in the Avengers: Age of Ultron

May 6, 2015 Articles, TV and Movies Comments (1) 166

By: Amanda Wallace. Here there be spoilers, you are warned.

With the weekend release of Avengers: Age of Ultron still fresh, a lot of commentary has come out about Marvel’s principal female character: the Black Widow, Natasha Romanov. Most of that attention has been focused on male actors from the franchise calling the character “a slut”(some apologizing, and others doubling down), the series decision to pair her off romantically with Bruce Banner, or her momentary puzzling damseling near the end of the film. Continue Reading

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Iron Man – The True Villain in Avengers: Age of Ultron

May 5, 2015 Articles, TV and Movies Comments (5) 161

Iron Man suit from Age of Ultron

Age of Ultron Iron Man

It goes without mentioning that I am not pleased with the treatment of Black Widow in Avengers: Age of Ultron. That said, I decided to take a break from the gender issues in the movie (which the ever excellent Amanda Wallace covered for us) and take a look at an even bigger problem in AoU: the Tony Stark/Iron Man problem.

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Feminism/Geekery Guide to FCBD Titles

May 1, 2015 Articles, Comic Books Comments (0) 81

Hopefully you’re already familiar with Free Comic Book Day, the first Saturday of May when local comic shops give out thousands of free comic books in the hopes of getting more people interested in the hobby.

Since there are 51 total titles being given out for FCBD, there are going to be books for every member of the family. Here are our suggestions, broken down by age/interest. Remember, if you have your heart set on a book you think will be popular this year (Hint: Secret Wars, Divergence, Avengers) you might want to show up early just in case. Continue Reading

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Suit Up for Age of Ultron with WeLoveFine’s Age of Fashion Collection

May 1, 2015 Articles, TV and Movies Comments (1) 77

Every since WeLoveFine came out with Ghostbuster’s rompers, they’ve been my go-to online clothing store for geek madness. This week, they continue to impress by launching pre-orders for their Age of Fashion collection, which is clothing based off the Avengers.

They’ve got women of all shapes and sizes dressed as Hawkeye, Thor, Black Widow, Iron Man, Captain America and Loki. When I go and watch Age of Ultron this weekend, I know that I’m going to be wishing for an all-female cast the whole time. Continue Reading

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#HowOldRobot Proves Link is a Girl

May 1, 2015 Articles, Video Games Comments (0) 66

Considering #HowOldRobot has been trending on all my social media platforms for the past day, I’m going to assume most of you have gotten the chance to play with it by now. For those that haven’t, the #HowOldRobot was created by a Microsoft Team and it will guess the age and gender of any picture you throw at it. It’s more often wrong than not, but there’s something alluring about playing guessing games with a robot.

I’ve had fun with this, my friends have had fun with this, and  Kotaku has definitely had fun with this.  So far it’s rarely on point, and seems to only be successful as a marketing ploy. The plot begins to thicken when you realize the #howOldRobot reads Link as a girl in almost every single photo submitted. Is it because of his delicate features, or is the robot smart enough to know our secret fantasies of Link as a girl?  Continue Reading

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Comic Picks of the Week

April 1, 2015 Articles, Comic Books, Comic Picks of the Week Comments (0) 140

It’s Wednesday which means it’s time for you to head to your LCS (or however you obtain your comics) and pick up something new! This week is a short week for me (I’m currently ignoring the upcoming DC and Marvel events) so let’s jump in.

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Waffle Bites: Reproduction in Gaming

March 31, 2015 Waffling Around Games Comments (0) 52

When I told Tim and Seth (from Acagameia) that I wanted to talk about reproduction in video games for our Women’s Month podcasts*, both were at a brief loss. Reproduction in all its gross glory is not something that many people think about when they think of video games. Still, we all dove deep. At thirty minutes, the result can’t quite be considered “bite-sized” but we hope you enjoy it all the same.

Some highlights include:

  • A discussion of birth control in the Mass Effect and Dragon Age Series
  • Breeding mechanics in games like Crusader Kings II and Massive Chalice
  • Mothers as horror figures in games like Parasite Eve and The Binding of Isaac
  • Everyone trying to talk about reproduction around without using embarrassing words like “orgasm”

We hope you enjoy this labor of love (ha!) and join us next week as we talk about women to support on Patreon.

*It’s important to remember that reproduction is an important issue to many women, but it’s not part of all self-identifying women’s experiences

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4 More Projects for Nintendo and Playboy (NSFW)

March 30, 2015 Articles, Video Games Comments (0) 185

Earlier this week Nintendo invited Playboy Playmates Amelia Talon and Pamela Horton to play the upcoming third-person shooter game, Splatoon. Five months ago Nintendo teamed up with Playmate Pamela Horton for a nude Bayonetta Playboy spread. We can sit around and wonder why Nintendo keeps teaming up with the Playboy Playmates, or we can embrace this new partnership with wild speculation. So let’s take a look at three more potential projects for the pair. Note: Many images nudge the NSFW line. 

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Waffle Bites: Favorite Female Developers

March 22, 2015 Waffling Around Games Comments (0) 51

In our second Waffle Bite celebrating Nation Women’s Month, the gang goes gaga over some of their favorite female game developers.


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Waffle Bites: Women Characters in Gaming

March 14, 2015 Waffling Around Games Comments (3) 92

In honor of March being National Women’s Month, we are releasing a series of short podcasts, “waffle bites” if you will, to celebrate women in gaming. For our first Waffle Bite, we explore female characters that have personally made an impact on us.

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