Waffling Around Games Ep. 5: Life is Strange Episode 1 and 2

May 15, 2015 Waffling Around Games Comments (1) 165

Trigger Warning: Discussion of Suicide and Date Rape

After taking a short break from all our Waffle Bites, the Waffling Around Games crew is back!  The fifth WAG episodes tackles Life is Strange Episodes 1 and 2, which was created by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Square Enix.  In case you hadn’t noticed, Seth already wrote an article on Life is Strange and the “Perfect Victim” but we have plenty more to talk about. This is, after all,  a game where teenage Max learns she can rewind time and the game throws many events at us that we desperately wished to undo.

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Waffle Bites: Reproduction in Gaming

March 31, 2015 Waffling Around Games Comments (0) 50

When I told Tim and Seth (from Acagameia) that I wanted to talk about reproduction in video games for our Women’s Month podcasts*, both were at a brief loss. Reproduction in all its gross glory is not something that many people think about when they think of video games. Still, we all dove deep. At thirty minutes, the result can’t quite be considered “bite-sized” but we hope you enjoy it all the same.

Some highlights include:

  • A discussion of birth control in the Mass Effect and Dragon Age Series
  • Breeding mechanics in games like Crusader Kings II and Massive Chalice
  • Mothers as horror figures in games like Parasite Eve and The Binding of Isaac
  • Everyone trying to talk about reproduction around without using embarrassing words like “orgasm”

We hope you enjoy this labor of love (ha!) and join us next week as we talk about women to support on Patreon.

*It’s important to remember that reproduction is an important issue to many women, but it’s not part of all self-identifying women’s experiences

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Waffle Bites: Favorite Female Developers

March 22, 2015 Waffling Around Games Comments (0) 50

In our second Waffle Bite celebrating Nation Women’s Month, the gang goes gaga over some of their favorite female game developers.


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Waffle Bites: Women Characters in Gaming

March 14, 2015 Waffling Around Games Comments (3) 90

In honor of March being National Women’s Month, we are releasing a series of short podcasts, “waffle bites” if you will, to celebrate women in gaming. For our first Waffle Bite, we explore female characters that have personally made an impact on us.

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Waffling Around Games Ep. 4 – Analogue: A Hate Story

October 8, 2014 Waffling Around Games Comments (0) 52

I’ve been meaning to play all of Christine Love’s games (many of which are available for free) for the longest time. There are so many indie games out there that I look at my Steam library, and just decide to play more Dragon Age instead. Tim and Seth from Acagameia finally convinced me to play Analogue: A Hate Story, and what follows is my favorite podcast to date.

Some salient points:

  1. A mediation on the nature of hate
  2. The gamer as historian and historical regression
  3. Why changing character’s outfits is rude
  4. Cheerful misogyny
  5. Meta-gaming  (or why I can’t get 100% achievements on some of Christine Love’s games)

It wouldn’t be stretching it too far to call this particular podcast an ode to Chrine Love’s mysterious and intriguing games. I definitely downloaded all the rest I could get my hands on after this. Listen, enjoy, and perhaps take a moment to look at Team Acagameia’s Extra Life Page – it’s a gaming charity for kids. DO IT FOR THE KIDS!

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Waffling Around Games Ep. 3: Magical Diary and Long Live the Queen

August 26, 2014 Waffling Around Games Comments (2) 72

This month in Waffling Around Games, our podcast which combines the brilliant minds behind Acagameia and Feminism & Geekery, we take a look at two visual novels: Magical Diary and Long Live the Queen

If you have no idea what a visual novel is (don’t be ashamed, it’s a sub-genre within a sub-genre, within a sub-genre) check out this great explanation from Rockmandash on Kotaku. If you want more in-depth 

Other highlights include: 

  • An eloquent explanation of genre by Seth
  • Tim’s epiphany about abusive relationships – derived from playing a lady in Magical Diary
  • Cursing! I still don’t know how to bleep people, so I just left it all in. Because Damien.
  • Painful, awkward giggling from me as I continue to be embarrassed that an NPC manipulated my real life emotions. Because Damien.
  • Btw, my review of Magical Diary explains the whole Damien thing, but spoilers!

If Magical Diary or Long Live the Queen sound like your cup of tea, they are both available on Steam. Or, if you’ve already played those games and you’re looking to expand your visual novel library, here’s a list of games you might want to snag

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Waffling Around Games Ep. 2: Dragon Age II

July 29, 2014 Waffling Around Games Comments (0) 58

In the second episode of Waffling Around Games I join the lads of Acagameia take a hard look at Dragon Age II – the black sheep of the Dragon Age family, and dissect many of the reason’s for the game’s mixed reception.

We also come to the conclusion that all the things we enjoy about the game (the narrative subtlety, lack of agency, three dimensional teammates) are why everyone else hated it.


Other highlights include:

  • The efficacy of “Acts” to tell the narrative
  • Seth’s attempt to quit caffeine cold turkey
  • Our favorite romance options
  • Tim’s search for the right….er, what was it again?
  • A look at how immigrant narratives in Dragon Age: II mirror those of Americans
  • Under 5 curse words!
  • Player agency (and lack thereof)
  • A disturbing look at how Kate views romance options

Thanks for listening! If you didn’t catch the first episode, listen to it here.

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