Imagining Mad Max’s Imperator Furiosa as a POC

June 2, 2015 Articles, TV and Movies Comments (0) 229

By: Amanda Wallace (This commentary is going to include some spoilers for the film Mad Max: Fury Road. If you haven’t seen it yet: what are you waiting for?)

Imperator Furiosa from Mad Max FUry Road holds a rifle in her arms ready to shoot.

Imperator Furiosa, Mad Max Fury Road

If you’ve seen the film Mad Max: Fury Road you’ve probably gotten excited about Imperator Furiosa, the tough, bald-headed driver of the War Rig played by the indomitable Charlize Theron. Even before Fury Road came out, there was talk that Furiosa stole the show from the movie’s namesake and there’s a certain level of validity to that idea.

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Fans Leverage #DCYOU To Ask For Poison Ivy Comics

May 22, 2015 Articles, Comic Books Comments (0) 207

This week, DC Comics announced their DCYou campaign that is promoting DC’s post-Convergence line-up of books. If that sentence felt like nonsense to you, let me put it another way: DCYou is a marketing campaign trying to grab readers who aren’t interested in DC’s big upcoming crossover event. So they’re trying to hype the books that the cross-over event will lead to.

Honestly, this wouldn’t be newsworthy if DC hadn’t included the word “diverse” in their ad campaign. There’s been a wave of momentum in comics pushing for diverse comics, i.e. comics that aren’t helmed by white men, fictional or otherwise. Most of DC’s titles have dudes on the covers, and most of DC’s titles have dude creators, so it’s slightly disconcerting to see their new line-up touted as diverse. Continue Reading

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Review: Heathen #1 by Natasha Alterici

May 21, 2015 Articles, Comic Books Comments (0) 212

If you’ve followed this site for any length of time you know that I truly appreciate a good lady-led title. I’ll read the first issue of almost anything with a female protagonist… though unfortunately that doesn’t mean that everything I read is good. Thankfully, Heathen #1 by Natasha Alterici falls into the “good” category. Let’s be honest, it goes well beyond the “good” category.

The story follows a young Viking woman named Aydis, in her attempt to challenge Odin’s reigns by enlisting the support of the banished valkyrie Brynhild. Continue Reading

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Anna Kendrick as Indiana Jones: Should This Joke Become a Reality?

May 20, 2015 Articles, TV and Movies Comments (0) 238

New non-profit organizations pop up all the time, particularly ones with celebrities. Red Nose Day is another such endeavor that aims to raise money for youth in poverty through making people laugh. To do so the organization is teaming up with NBC to launch a 3-hour long special on May 21, featuring tons of celebrities and (hopefully) tons of laughter. To give us a preview of what to expect, NBC released an Indiana Jones reboot spoof, complete with Anna Kendrick as Indiana Jones.

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Rating DC’s Male Bombshells

May 18, 2015 Articles, Comic Books Comments (0) 363

If you’re not familiar with DC’s Bombshells here’s all you need to know: the Bombshells were created as re-designs by Ant Lucia who turned popular heroines and villainesses into mid-century pin-ups. Both the statues, and the line of Bombshell variant covers from June, 2014 did so well that the DC Bombshells are returning! In fact, DC plans to release a digital-only Bombshell series written by Marguerite Bennet with art from Marguerite Savage in July, with print copies following in August. While that’s exciting (and a book that will make our Comic Picks of the Week list when it debuts) I’m more excited about the DC’s MALE Bombshells

That’s right, amidst the over Bombshell variant covers that DC plans to release in August, a handful of them feature our first look at male pin-ups. I’m a big fan of the re-designed ladies – the retro fashion is quite detailed and well developed – but it’s nice that DC is acknowledging some of it’s fans want to see more man candy. So here are the covers, complete with ratings and commentary…because we’re not often given a chance to objectify male superheroes, and it would be a shame to pass on the opportunity.

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New, Lady Thor’s Identity Revealed and It Is…..

May 12, 2015 Comic Books Comments (0) 181

Some time ago, Jason Aaron sold us on the idea of a lady Thor. We’ve been patiently awaiting the release of this female Thor’s identity, and the wait is over. The identity of the new, lady Thor will be revealed in the pages of Thor #8…and also got leaked to the internet a few days early. Huzzah! Before we go any further: SPOILERS! That should be obvious given the post title, but now you’ve been officially warned.
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Life is Strange and the "Perfect Victim"

May 11, 2015 Articles, Video Games Comments (1) 241

By: Seth Brodbeck TW: Discussion of date rape and rape culture. Brief references to suicide.(Also: Spoilers for the first two episodes of Life is Strange, but I thought the above information was more important)

Life is Strange by Dontnod Entertainment

Here’s what we know as of Episode 2 of Dontnod Entertainment’s game, Life is Strange: Girls who go to Vortex Club parties are getting drugged, probably by Nathan Prescott, who has a demonstrated ability to get away with a lot around Blackwell Academy thanks to his parents’ patronage of the school. It’s definitely happened twice, to Chloe and Kate, it is quite possibly what happened to Rachel Adams, and is implied to have happened to many more girls by the binders shown briefly at the end of each episode so far. It is not explicitly stated that any of these girls were raped–it’s possible that something else happened to them which is connected to the other strangeness in Arcadia Bay–but the sequence of events bears a strong resemblance to accounts of date rape. Even if the game may be setting us up for a revelation that criminal behavior of a different stripe is occurring, the stories are still evocative of the experiences of rape victims.

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Infertility and False Equivalence in the Avengers: Age of Ultron

May 6, 2015 Articles, TV and Movies Comments (1) 166

By: Amanda Wallace. Here there be spoilers, you are warned.

With the weekend release of Avengers: Age of Ultron still fresh, a lot of commentary has come out about Marvel’s principal female character: the Black Widow, Natasha Romanov. Most of that attention has been focused on male actors from the franchise calling the character “a slut”(some apologizing, and others doubling down), the series decision to pair her off romantically with Bruce Banner, or her momentary puzzling damseling near the end of the film. Continue Reading

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Iron Man – The True Villain in Avengers: Age of Ultron

May 5, 2015 Articles, TV and Movies Comments (5) 161

Iron Man suit from Age of Ultron

Age of Ultron Iron Man

It goes without mentioning that I am not pleased with the treatment of Black Widow in Avengers: Age of Ultron. That said, I decided to take a break from the gender issues in the movie (which the ever excellent Amanda Wallace covered for us) and take a look at an even bigger problem in AoU: the Tony Stark/Iron Man problem.

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Feminism/Geekery Guide to FCBD Titles

May 1, 2015 Articles, Comic Books Comments (0) 81

Hopefully you’re already familiar with Free Comic Book Day, the first Saturday of May when local comic shops give out thousands of free comic books in the hopes of getting more people interested in the hobby.

Since there are 51 total titles being given out for FCBD, there are going to be books for every member of the family. Here are our suggestions, broken down by age/interest. Remember, if you have your heart set on a book you think will be popular this year (Hint: Secret Wars, Divergence, Avengers) you might want to show up early just in case. Continue Reading

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