Anna Kendrick as Indiana Jones: Should This Joke Become a Reality?

New non-profit organizations pop up all the time, particularly ones with celebrities. Red Nose Day is another such endeavor that aims to raise money for youth in poverty through making people laugh. To do so the organization is teaming up with NBC to launch a 3-hour long special on May 21, featuring tons of celebrities and (hopefully) tons of laughter. To give us a preview of what to expect, NBC released an Indiana Jones reboot spoof, complete with Anna Kendrick as Indiana Jones.

The re-telling of the famous grail scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade didn’t make me laugh. In fact, when Anna Kendrick gets mad at the Templar for calling her cute I had a Meryl Streep moment. An educated woman calling a man out on sexist language? You go girl!

Meryl Streep clapping aggressively and pointing in agreement at the2015 Oscars
Meryl Streep at the 2015 Oscars

After I finished the video, I started wondering why I’ve never heard female names put forward for the position of the next Indiana Jones. Sure the series has been focused on a paragon of masculinity, Harison Ford. Guess what? Mad Max was similarly focused on a male sex-god and yet Mad Max: Fury Road takes the series in a new direction with Imperator Furiosa, played by Charlize Theron. We can make a new male actor (not Chris Pratt?) try to live up to the impossible standards of Indiana Jones, but we all saw what happened with Shia Lebeouf.

All things considered, Anna Kendrick as Indiana Jones just doesn’t do it for me, nor would most woman in the role of Indiana Jones. That said, I can still hold out hope for an equally adventurous woman archeologist to show up. Women are becoming the queens of our cultural movement and I hope that a future Indiana Jones movie will hop on the strong female protagonist bandwagon. We need an educated lady like Kendrick’s character to call bullsh** on Mr. Jones.

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