Rating DC’s Male Bombshells

If you’re not familiar with DC’s Bombshells here’s all you need to know: the Bombshells were created as re-designs by Ant Lucia who turned popular heroines and villainesses into mid-century pin-ups. Both the statues, and the line of Bombshell variant covers from June, 2014 did so well that the DC Bombshells are returning! In fact, DC plans to release a digital-only Bombshell series written by Marguerite Bennet with art from Marguerite Savage in July, with print copies following in August. While that’s exciting (and a book that will make our Comic Picks of the Week list when it debuts) I’m more excited about the DC’s MALE Bombshells

That’s right, amidst the over Bombshell variant covers that DC plans to release in August, a handful of them feature our first look at male pin-ups. I’m a big fan of the re-designed ladies – the retro fashion is quite detailed and well developed – but it’s nice that DC is acknowledging some of it’s fans want to see more man candy. So here are the covers, complete with ratings and commentary…because we’re not often given a chance to objectify male superheroes, and it would be a shame to pass on the opportunity.

ACTION COMICS #43 cover by Ant Lucia 

Action Comics #43 cover by Ant Lucia. Power girl is hold Superman in a plank position. THey are both wearing period clothing.

Rating: Are we visiting the circus? I really enjoy the re-imagining of Superman here, particularly the mustache! I also would have enjoyed seeing a solo Superman cover. Maybe some chest hair peaking out of that leotard too? Power Girl steals the show here, coming off as more macho and muscled than Superman himself. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate being able to see Clark Kent’s arm musculature (and his fashionable sash), but I think they still could have found a way to show some more skin.

AQUAMAN #43 Cover by Ant Lucia 

Aquaman #43 cover art. Aquaman is dressed like Popeye the Sailor man. He is saluting and holding a trident.

Rating: My ovaries are screaming with joy! I feel like the inspiration between this cover has to be a what if question. In this case, what if Popeye was actually sexy? What if Popeye could smile like a grown man who has seen no evil in his life? Seriously though, his face is smoldering. Not that there is much of a challenge in making Aquaman sexy. His golden locks and swimmer’s body have made many girls like him despite Aquaman’s demeanor. For this cover, it’s Aquaman’s sincere yet sexy smile that gets me. I’d also like to rock a pair of those pants too!

BATMAN #43 by Ant Lucia 

Batman dressed in the clothing of a private detective. His long black duster swooshes in front of the sign to his detective agency. The shadow of the bat cowl looms in the corner.

Rating: That vest sure is busy. This doesn’t feel like a pin-up, and the clash between western/steampunk/detective imagery definitely doesn’t help. I’m not a fan of the “utility vest”. At the point where you need that many pockets on a vest of all things, start carrying a bag of some sort. He looks like he could pull off a satchel. I will say I would kill for a cape like this. All in all, I think Bombshell Batman succeeds in putting Bruce in a different style, but fails in making that appeal to my feminine eye. This is a shame. Bruce Wayne should get to feel pretty too sometimes.

GRAYSON #11 Cover by Emanuella Luppachino w/ Tomeu Morey 

Rating: Is it legal for me to think he’s cute? Dick Grayson has long been known as one of the hottest guys in DC…largely thanks to his butt. So it’s a bit disappointing that his famous derriere doesn’t really stick out in this pin-up because Grayson’s calves are bound for some reason. We do get to see Dick’s curves, as well as the sexy promise of his agility, but the face feels young to me. Too young for anyone to be thinking about how they could bind Grayson in different positions

GREEN LANTERN #43 Cover by Emanuella Luppachino with Tomeu Morey 

Rating: TAKE OFF SOME CLOTHES!!! Look, pin-ups by definition are supposed to be sexy, which typically means pin-ups show some skin. This cover is a lovely re-imagination of Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps, but where’s the beef cake? He might be a pilot, but surely Hal Jordan doesn’t have to appear in full uniform all the time…

SINESTRO #14 Cover by Emanuella Luppachino with Tomeu Morey

Rating: I would dance with him. Sinestro doesn’t need to take off clothes, his bad intentions are there for all to see. He’ll be nothing but trouble, but living life on the wild side of things seems so appealing when Sinestro is suggesting it. I never imagined a character like Sinestro could ever be depicted in an attractive way, but the artists sure proved me wrong with this cover. Dayum.

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