New, Lady Thor’s Identity Revealed and It Is…..

Some time ago, Jason Aaron sold us on the idea of a lady Thor. We’ve been patiently awaiting the release of this female Thor’s identity, and the wait is over. The identity of the new, lady Thor will be revealed in the pages of Thor #8…and also got leaked to the internet a few days early. Huzzah! Before we go any further: SPOILERS! That should be obvious given the post title, but now you’ve been officially warned.

Here it goes: the woman worthy enough to wield Mjolnir is none other than Jane Foster. She was last seen in the comics refusing magical treatment for cancer, so the details of her trip to the moon to nab Mjolnir are rather sketchy. Let’s chalk it up to comic logic! If you want a better explanation (or at least one that’s more fleshed out) you should read Thor #8. Aaron seems committed to having her around for awhile, so it’s a good time to test the waters.

I’m not too surprised or excited for this Lady Thor identity reveal, but it is nice to have a new name to put with the heretofore hidden face. If you didn’t know (and I didn’t) Jane Foster is one of the multiple women who have wielded Mjolnir in the past. That weapon really gets around! Den of Geek recently put out a great list of The Women Who Were Thor if you are curious to see which X chromosomed heroes have been found worthy. Personally, this spurs my motivation to get caught up on the series. My attention had lapsed (I have a short attention span) but I’m interested in how they’ll weave Jane Foster into the mythology of Asgard, and more importantly, how Thor will take it.

I’m hoping for something like this:

Thor, God of Thunder, (played by Chris Hemsworth) winking

What can I say? I appreciate male Odinson’s beauty and not his brain, a sentiment that Jane Foster and I share.

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