Waffle Bites: Favorite Female Developers

In our second Waffle Bite celebrating Nation Women’s Month, the gang goes gaga over some of their favorite female game developers.


To start things out, Kate talks about Jennifer Hepler known for her work at Bioware (0:50), Emily Carrol known for her webcomics and also half the dev team for The Yawhg (2:20), and Tanya Short the creative director at Kitfox Games(2:55).

Next up, Tim fanboys over Brenda Romero who has been attached to too many major projects to list (4:25), and then raves about Lizzie Magie, the original mind behind Monopoly (7:22).

Finally, Seth reminisces about 90’s adventure games in his discussion of Jen Jansen (10:05), extols the virtues of Kim Swift who helped give us games like Portal and Left For Dead 11:30) and talks Aristotelian virtues while applauding Sheri Graner Ray (12:07).

Since we obviously couldn’t end the podcast without talking over fifteen minutes, we start a discussion on Auteur theory in regards to gaming, Kate’s hatred of Hideo Kojima, and the difficulty of navigating fame as a female developer.

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