Why Does Harley Quinn Smell like Weed?

According to Bleeding Cool, Harley Quinn Annual #1 will be a rub’n’smell comic book. It will also smell like weed. Well, at least the US version will. There are two separate versions of this issue, a US version that includes cannabisylocibe 7-A (weed smell) and an International version that will replace the cannabisylocibe 7-A with the smell of fresh-cut lawn clippings.


Supposedly each of the four smells; suntan lotion, pizza, leather, and grass, will be tied to four parts of the story which involves Harley rescuing Poison Ivy from Arkham. Since it also involves a visit to Harley’s  home on Coney Island, who knows where the marijuana smell will come in. I’m hoping Poison Ivy is growing it for some reason. She wouldn’t end up in Arkham so often if she’d just chill out.

After the issue comes out, we’ll have all sorts of discussion about drugs, women, and social issues – which I know you can’t wait for. Until then, I’m just going to roll my eyes whenever this issue gets brought up. Since it releases on Oct. 29 – I’m anticipating a significant spike of eye rolls for the month of October.

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