Valiant Comics Adds First Super HEROINE to Roster

Valiant Comics is having a Humble Bundle Book sale, and if you check out the available books you’ll notice that something is missing.


Oh that’s right, there are almost no women on any of these covers. To be honest, it doesn’t look like very many of the heroes are quite human either.

The comics company is attempting to remedy its lack of lady heroes with a recent re-casting of Dr.Mirage. When Valiant decided to reboot their Dr.Mirage series, they gender swapped Dr.Mirage, turning the character into a widowed super lady searching for her head husband in the afterlife.

While the premise is a bit sad for my tastes, the introduction of a female character written by a female author, Jen van Meter, seems like a solid first step for Valiant in including more women within the pages of their comics and within their creative teams.


Between the fact the Doctor Mirage is fully and tastefully clothed on the cover, and the fact that the first issue, released September 3rd, received strong reviews from Kelly Thompson of Comic Book Resources, I basically have to read it now. You should too!

Here are two interviews with Jen van Meter about the comic in case my highly logical arguments haven’t quite won you over:

Jen van Meter with Comics Beat

Jen van Meter with Comic Book Resources

Considering that Valiant itself rebooted in 2005, it’s only taken 9 years to get here!

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