Waffling Around Games Ep. 3: Magical Diary and Long Live the Queen

This month in Waffling Around Games, our podcast which combines the brilliant minds behind Acagameia and Feminism & Geekery, we take a look at two visual novels: Magical Diary and Long Live the Queen

If you have no idea what a visual novel is (don’t be ashamed, it’s a sub-genre within a sub-genre, within a sub-genre) check out this great explanation from Rockmandash on Kotaku. If you want more in-depth 

Other highlights include: 

  • An eloquent explanation of genre by Seth
  • Tim’s epiphany about abusive relationships – derived from playing a lady in Magical Diary
  • Cursing! I still don’t know how to bleep people, so I just left it all in. Because Damien.
  • Painful, awkward giggling from me as I continue to be embarrassed that an NPC manipulated my real life emotions. Because Damien.
  • Btw, my review of Magical Diary explains the whole Damien thing, but spoilers!

If Magical Diary or Long Live the Queen sound like your cup of tea, they are both available on Steam. Or, if you’ve already played those games and you’re looking to expand your visual novel library, here’s a list of games you might want to snag


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