BioWare Releases New Dragon Age: Inquisition Trailer, Makes Marian Hawke Canon

I was pretty bummed when BioWare announced that they were pushing back the release date of Dragon Age: Inquisition in order to polish the final product. Despite these setback, they’re continuing to build momentum for the game with a new trailer. Watch it below!

You’ll notice that at the 1:34 mark a familiar face shows up in the trailer: Marian Hawke. Hawke was the protagonist from Dragon Age 2 (which we dissect in depth in this podcast) but she was available as a male or female character in the game. I obviously played with Marian Hawk (I don’t even know the name of dude Hawke) and it’s exciting to see BioWare supporting her as the canon version of Hawke.

For anyone who thinks “well, that looks like Hawke, but it could be someone else” just stoppit. It’s Hawke. Mike Laidlaw, the director of the Dragon Age series, took to twitter to confirm it.

So there you have it, it is Hawke and she is fantastic.


Also, no word yet on who that sexy guy next to her is, but if this Hawke bears any resemblance to my own Hawke, she’s probably already slept with him.

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