Creator of “Little Girls Are Better at Designing Superheroes than You,” Pitches New Superhero Comic: Spark

Whew. Thanks for bearing with me through that absurdly long article title. So many of you may be familiar with the website Little Girls Are Better at Designing Superheroes Than You where artist Alex(andria) Law takes submissions of girls cosplaying – or just dressing up – and re-draws them as superheroes. It’s a site that never fails to restore my faith in female power, and all the girls are so gosh-darned cute. Here’s one of my favorite of these as “evidence”:


Maybe Jason Aaron is open to taking this picture as a suggestion for the new female Thor image? Okay, probably not. But still. The next time I cosplay as Thor (it’s been known to happen frequently) I’m making myself a tutu. I honestly can’t imagine why I haven’t done this before.

Proving that she is perhaps the biggest little girl of all, Alex Law has teamed up with writer Ted Anderson (he’s written some Pony comics!) to bring you a new girl superhero: Spark.


The comic itself is about nine-year old Lucia Marquez-Miller (she’s the one in purple) who has telekinetic powers that shes uses to build (and destroy) things with her mind. She’s the youngest superhero of a mostly girl supe team, and she’s also trying to live a normal life. Law and Anderson have posted a fifteen page stand-alone comic on Tumblr that you should go read…..right now.

While the stand-alone comic only gives you a brief glimpse into Spark’s life, I can already tell I want more. Lucia’s dad is a cooking god (I may have just been really hungry when I read it) and Lucia’s mom has a whole no-nonsense vibe that will be great for future mother-daughter battles. Also, one of the superheroes turns into a dinosaur.


The creative team is currently in the process of pitching Spark to major publishers in hopes of developing it as a print graphic novel series. As Ms. Marvel and Lumberjanes have demonstrated recently, there’s a high-demand for all-ages comics helmed by ladies. The fact that there’s a character in Spark named “Riot Grrrl” is really just icing on the cake.

You can follow the progress of Spark here via their tumblr. In the meantime send Law and Anderson good vibes in hopes we can buy this in comic stores in the near future.

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