Waffling Around Games Ep. 2: Dragon Age II

In the second episode of Waffling Around Games I join the lads of Acagameia take a hard look at Dragon Age II – the black sheep of the Dragon Age family, and dissect many of the reason’s for the game’s mixed reception.

We also come to the conclusion that all the things we enjoy about the game (the narrative subtlety, lack of agency, three dimensional teammates) are why everyone else hated it.


Other highlights include:

  • The efficacy of “Acts” to tell the narrative
  • Seth’s attempt to quit caffeine cold turkey
  • Our favorite romance options
  • Tim’s search for the right….er, what was it again?
  • A look at how immigrant narratives in Dragon Age: II mirror those of Americans
  • Under 5 curse words!
  • Player agency (and lack thereof)
  • A disturbing look at how Kate views romance options

Thanks for listening! If you didn’t catch the first episode, listen to it here.

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