Carol Corps Celebration ECCC 2014 – Memories and Pictures

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I didn’t get to go to Emerald City Comic Con this year – to be honest I’ve never been to a con before (gasp). Fortunately because of this thing called the internet, you and I (and the lucky people that did attend) can reminisce on events through first hand accounts…and tumblr. So re-live (or enjoy for the first time) the Carol Corps Celebration, which was aptly described

“…these events make it easy to see why you’d want to join up with other fans of the superhero also known as Princess Sparklefists. They’re good people. And stylish too. Some attendees came dressed up for a cocktail party; some wore a fantastic variety of cosplay interpretations of the Captain Marvel characters; and others wore Carol Corps-related tees (of which there are many).” – Kate Leth

So, let us begin to marvel at the amazing creativity of Carol Corps, while not-so-secretly being sad that we couldn’t be there.

Picture via usag1

Picture via usag1

If you were lucky enough to go to ECCC, you had the opportunity to snag this embroidered Carol Corps patch designed by Kate Leth. I’m honestly not sure what I’m jealous of more in this picture, the amazing nail art or the patch itself.

The Carol Corps event itself was separate from Emerald City Comic Con and was hosted in the Museum of Flight – what better place for fans of Carol Danvers to hang out? Held in such a location, it was no wonder that many versions of Carol herself appeared (probably from different dimensions).

I am in love with the hair pieces used by the two Captain Marvel’s in the middle. Those girls have waaayy more fashion sense than me, or this world’s Captain Marvel.

Here’s one more cosplay picture with some creative variation on the classic.

Other supes naturally came to visit – many already friends of Captain Marvel.

I spot Black Widow, Spiderwoman, and Captain America in the crowd – all of Carol’s BFFs in one place! I’m even loving the normal outfits in this pictures. Supehero colors are an amazing way to choose your wardrobe.

Let’s be fair, the planes were also a huge attraction of the event, and the coolest fans posed with them.

I should also mention, I also totally own that shirt and love it. Also – Carol Danvers could fly every single one of those planes faster than you. Just something to keep in mind.

Kelley Sue likes to make duck faces. It’s a thing and she does it so well. Fans of Carol got to take pictures with their beloved leader and make duck-faces of their very own.

I never realized how short Kelley Sue is. EVERYONE HAS AMAZING HAIR ACCESSORIES. I really want one of those.

Okay, and one more (with a guy this time) for good measure.

G. Willow Wilson, the current genius behind Ms. Marvel also showed up!

The Carol and Kamala rag dolls are amazing. If I had a child in my life I would make some of those immediately. Instead, as an adult, I need to focus on making my Ms. Marvel cosplay costume.

Most importantly, we get to see Kate Leth and Kelley Sue together. I wouldn’t call them a dream team of mine in terms of creating comics projects together, but they’re a dream team in the way they really and lead women in the comics community.

They even have a few thoughts to share about the ordeal here. Tl;dr?

‘There was a lot of trying-not-to-freak-out going around. ” – Kate Leth

In case you didn’t get to go, there is another Carol Corp meet-up at WonderCon Anaheim. Whether it will be as amazing as this one still remains to be seen.

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