Forgotten Heroines of the 40's and Fashion Forward Costumes

MissFuryIf you’re like me, and you’ve been dying for more Heroines, there are some amazing Lady Capes from the pre-Code 40s. After looking through Saladin Ahmed’s post, you’ll probably want to browse through  to discover some favorites for yourself.

My personal recommendation? Miss Fury (pictured to the left). She’s saucy, written by a woman (Tarpe Mills) and has a great sense of style.I have these two volumes from Amazon, and they’re absolutely stunning. Or you could always just re-read Captain Marvel. Your choice.

Speaking of Captain Marvel, there’s a chance that you’ll be seeing some Marvel themed fashionings on Project Runway: Under the Gunn. Considering the Captain Marvel Cardboard Cut-out on scene, we can only hope for some fantastic pieces inspired by her new costume.

If you are in need of some stylish heroine costumes right this very minute  then check out these everyday lady costumes. 



Created by Mingjue Helen Chen, these are perfect for light-crime days. As always, Batgirl wears it best.

In video game news, there are more articles about sexism in the game industry (with statistics!) and a great piece by Samantha Allen about closing the gap between queer and mainstream games:

Straight gamers have been seeing their own experiences and fantasies reflected in games for forty years. We just want the same privilege for ourselves. Gone Home is beautiful because it’s just a story, a story about a queer girl named Samantha. I can relate to that. – Samantha Allen

A powerful sentiment, and something I have to explain to my male-friends every time I complain about the lack of female playable characters in the world.

Skullgirls Encore debuted a “new” character as an April Fool’s Joke – but with your support she just might stay in the game. Check out the video below to decide whether you’d play as Fukua the skin-swapped Skullgirl.


You probably already know this by now, but Frozen has officially been named the highest-grossing animated film ever – and it’s on the top 10 list for regular highest-grossing movies. This is great news for several reasons. 1) It proves that deviation from the standard Disney formula is welcome. 2) It is further proof that Idina Menzel is a goddess, and Kristen Bell can do now wrong. 3.) WELL-WRITTEN MOVIES ABOUT WOMEN SELL LOTS OF MONEY.

A recent study has actually proved that movies that pass the Bechdel Test actually do better monetarily than those that don’t (click here for an explanation of the Bechdel Test). If you’d like to understand the methods used for this graph, check out the original FiveThirtyEightLife article that explains their research techniques. Look – there’s a graph and everything.


These findings will hopefully encourage the head honchos of Hollywood to do a better job with female representation, if only because there’s money in it. Women will pay for good media products about women, please make more!


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