Princess Peach, Anne McCaffrey, and Wonder Woman walk into a bar…

So today in Leading Lady Links there’s a lot happening!

Today would have been Anne McCaffrey’s 88th birthday. This wonderful lady insired my love of Speculative Fiction with her fantastic dragons. I hope she’s out there somewhere finally getting to ride them herself.

peach-pink-nintendo-2ds-gs-exclusive_808.0_cinema_960.0So let’s talk about this limited edition “Peach Pink” 2DS. Sooo of all the DS systems out there, the 2DS is the one they decide to make pink? Is that because, for some reason, marketers are associating the 3DS with casual gaming and therefore associating it with women? Hmm? I’m suspicious. This comes out on April 11 (not an April Fool’s joke). I advise you to spend the extra money and pick up a respectable 3DS or 3DSxl.

WonderWomanIn other news, Wonder Woman may be a new edition to Batman Beyond. Future aging Superman is a fascinating character, and I’d love to see how Wonder Woman has aged (if she has) and how she deals with the future. Batman Beyond is one of the only DC titles that I’ve been reading – mainly because the comic is perfeclty able to capture the vibes of the television show. Yay nostalgia!

That said, adding Wonder Woman to the cast would be amazing. Kyle Higgins hints that her arrival is key to the Batman Beyond/Justice League Forever crossover that is in the works. I just want to see an old wonder woman. There’s not enough older superheroes, and I can’t remember the last time I saw an old heroine. MAKE IT SO HIGGINS. 

Some of my favorite comics people (Greg Rucka, Kelley Sue DeConnick, Janelle Asselin, Sabrina Taylor, Sarah Gaydos, Sina Grace, Rachel Edidin) talked about how comics can be more inclusive for women.  You can also read Janelle Asselin’s more in-depth take on it here – where she expands on some of her ideas that she didn’t quite get to during the panel.

In other comics news, Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky want to release a Sex Advice book “Just the Tips” and comment on whether “Fat Bottomed Girls” ever made it into Sex Criminals. This is preceded by news that Fraction and his Son are co-writing an Adventure Time comic. And now I’m thinking about Adventure Time and sex. STUPID MATT FRACTION. 

If you’ve ever asked yourself the infamous question “Would I rather be a Cyborg than a Goddess?” you can now finally answer it without bending your mind too hard.

CyborgGoddessPlay free indie game Cyborg Goddess by Kara Stone and Kayte McKnight to finally understand “A cost-benefit analysis of two archetypes available for women.”

AtroposMinecraftOur last two stories have nothing to do with women, but I just liked them enough to share. Someone built a world on the back of a turtle in Minecraft.  It has been dubbed “Atropos” an appropriate title given that in Greek Mythology Atropos was one of the goddesses of fate and destiny. You’re certainly putting a lot in fate and destiny when you decided to build your steampunk city on the back of the turtle.

Finally, I had to include this amazing Pokemon cosplay picture. The Pokemon Google Maps Challenge has been mind-blowingly amazing (albeit short) and I’m in the mood to celebrate Pokemon. So here’s an Umbreon.

Umbreon Dog

You can check out leafon-ex’s deviantART page for more dog cosplay, and fun fandom sketches.




  1. I just wanted to note that there are both pink 3DS and 3DS XLs. If I’m not mistaken, there is a pink PS Vita in Japan. I suspect the reason they are pushing the “Peach Pink 2DS” is for little girls, as the 2DS is marketed mainly for parents looking to buy for their children. Though the marketing is actually a bit ambiguous because instead of Minnie, Mickey is featured on the pink case.
    I think it’s another argument if developers should associate pink with women, but I just wanted to point this out.

    If I misread, I’m sorry.

    • You make some great points – you’re not reading anything wrong 🙂
      There are pink 3ds’s and the like.

      I feel like this one is slightly different because it is being marketed in conjunction with a Disney product (Disney Magical World Case) that is promoting the new Disney Magical World game that will be released the same day as this 2DS model.

      I feel like using the color pink as a way to market a “child friendly” device pairs pink with the idea of childlike – and considering pink already has the implication of “for girls’ it kinda piles on meaning after meaning.

      Of course both Disney and the color pink are over burdened with gendered meaning – so it may be a moot point.

      • I have issues with this as well, but besides the pink gender stereotyping, the fact that this is a GameStop exclusive with a well-recognized children’s mascot perpetuates the idea that children are pressuring their parents for games at Gamestop. Similar to cereal boxes with cartoon characters, children will pester their parents for the impulse buy. Instead, I would argue the goal should be to provide a wide market and make it accessible for parents to make informed decisions. There’s a market for a pink 2DS without Mickey on it, but whatever, partnerships and businesses will continue.

        Anyways, great discussion. I think you do make some great points that I agree with.

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