Dress up your Fashionista Barbie…With Body Covering Armor!

I love Kickstarter. Because of Kickstarter I have an amazing movie poster of Veronica Mars, a deck of Wizard of Oz Tarot Cards (don’t ask) and more lady-written fiction than I can actually read.

While I can’t support every cool Kickstarter I come across, I can at least share them with the world. So check out Faire Play: Barbie-Compatible 3D Printed Medieval Armor.

I don’t have a 3D printer, so unfortunately this project is wasted on me, but I love the idea of making un-barbie like outfits for her. This armor even completely fails female armor bingo! You can already download the template for the Athena Makeover kit – which looks something like this:


If I still owned Barbies, or you know, had kids that played with them – I would be ALL OVER this. While Mattel has attempted to make Barbie more about fashion by giving her various jobs over the years, it’s great to Barbie become a strong female warrior. With this getup, she could definitely take on my brothers G.I. Joes any day of the week. For those of you without a 3D printer, backing the Kickstarter at certain levels will get you the printed version of this armor – win!



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