Felicia Day on Comics

So for all of you Felicia Day Fans out there, Felicia has just put up a video on her own channel! The first minute of the video is entirely an excuse for why she hasn’t been posting more videos. I can’t be mad at her, because her guilty face is adorable and I’ve been watching The Guild all day so she’s on a pretty big fan pedestal right now.

At around 1:18 in in the video, she starts talking about comics! Comics people will know that you can never have too many people in your life to talk to about comics, so I’m ecstatic to add Felicia Day’s voice my compendium of cool people who like comics. Okay – that list really just has the two of us on it, just the way it should be.

From this six minute video, we can glean a few things about Felicia and her comic choices.

  1. She refuses to read single issues because they’re too short. If you want Felicia Day to read a comic – send her a trade.
  2. She’s using multiple lists of the best graphic novels of 2013 as her guide. 2013 was a great year for comics, but this clearly indicates she’s probably not at her local comic shop every Wednesday, so you can take her opinions with a grain of salt, or rejoice in opinions not coming from freaky comic fans. Your choice.
  3. Despite the above statement, not all her choices came out in 2013. So, she isn’t a stickler for the rules.
  4. She doesn’t like superhero comics because she doesn’t like the ladies in them. THIS IS WHY I LOVE YOU FELICIA
  5. She finds hand-drawn genitalia fascinating (“Oh Boobies!”)
  6. I want her to read from Divas, Dames, and Daredevils to me at bedtime.
  7. She is not above vandalizing her own books
  8. Finally, she has good taste.

Hopefully, she will air another of these precious videos soon. If not, we can just watch this one on re-run for eternity.

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