Last Week in Links

So I have started a “Journalist Training Program” at which means I will be writing there once a day for the next 7 weeks. It’s quite a bit of writing to commit oneself to, so my posts here will be a bit sparser in the upcoming weeks. That said, you can still enjoy my thoughts/opinions on things! Here’s a list of my articles from last week.

1.) Key Items in RPGs: Can’t play With Them, Can’t Play Without Them:

Who wants to carry 17 corpse galls around with them while they’re traipsing around Thedas? Oh that’s right, no one.

I look at some key frustrations of the way key items are used in RPGs, and reference all the classics. Who hasn’t wanted to make Cloud wear a dress for the whole FF7 game?

2.) Will the 8bit boob-bounce sell? There’s some opinion, deconstruction of the industry, but mostly this article is an excuse to write about this video:

I will probably never browse through Kickstarter again, and I’m starting to realize male fascination with boobs. The bouncing is…hypnotic.

3.) League of Legends: 10 Special Champion Taunts

Graves and Twisted Fate

League of Legends is full of fun Easter eggs the more you learn the lore. Delve into League of Legends lore by learning special champion taunts and the rivalries that inspire them!

4.) Review: The Yawhg

YawhgIntroI’m beginning to wade through my Steam library, and the first game up is The Yawhg – a game I am completely in love with and am making everyone that visits me play (Whenever my husband and I play together, we always destroy things on accident – this never seems to happen with other people. ). It’s a great text-based choose your own adventure, and Emily Carrol’s art oozes charm.

5.)  Sarkeesian’s Stolen FanArt Fail AND Update: Sarkeesian’s FanArt Issue Under Debate

Tamara Smith Stolen ArtworkTechnically, that’s two articles but the both cover the recent scandal of Tamara smith accusing Anita Sarkeesian of Copyright Infringement, and you can get an inside look on how crazy it feels to be reporting events AS THEY ARE HAPPENING (basically this just means I made mistakes). I will probably be posting a follow-up piece on this blog later tonight, because I still have a lot of feels regarding this issue.

Thanks for reading and I hope some of those caught your fancy!


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