Wii U and Bayonetta 2: Family Friendly?

Recently it was announced that Bayonetta 2 is going to be a Wii U exclusive. This has caused a large amount of nerd rage, as many people have been upset that the new Bayonetta games should be on, of all systems, a nintendo console. While it is disappointing that now I actually have a reason to buy the Wii U, I find this move interesting for other reasons. For a console that has typically been dubbed as “family friendly” what the hell is Bayonetta doing there and how is this going to affect gameplay for Bayonetta 2? For instance, in a recent post I mentioned how Catwoman’s cleavage is being covered up for the Wii U “Armored Edition” of Arkham City. While it clearly makes sense that an armored edition should feature more armor and less skin, the reduction of Catwoman’s cleavage in conjunction with the move to the Wii U still seems to say that the feline friendly dame needed to show less skin to be appropriate for a Nintendo system. In light of that, I’m interested in whether Bayonetta will undergo sanitation before her upcoming debut. To get to the bottom of this quandry, let’s first look at the recent¬†Bayonetta 2 trailer.

So, from this whole trailer, here is the only part of Bayonetta that we get to see:

Sexy gun foot attire anyone?

I’m used to seeing Bayonetta look more like this:

That picture may still be one of the most sanitized images of Bayonetta I’ve seen. However,¬† the lack of Bayonetta in the new trailer doesn’t necessarily mean we’re going to get a less sexy version of her. However if you go back and look at the original Bayonetta trailer we see something similar to the new one.

If you watch both trailers, you notice that the primary focus on each seems to be the bullets, rather than Bayonetta, with a single shot of her foot at the end of each trailer. So judging by trailers alone it appears as if the move to the Wii U has had no adverse affects on the over the top sexy heroine up to this point. What could be happening with this move is that Nintendo is attempting to re-engage with the more “serious” video game player base, and attempting to get some cred by adding games featuring *gasp* t & a. While I’m not necessarily sure Bayonetta gets to count as a “serious game”, it is certainly not family friendly by any means. In the first ten minutes of gameplay in the original, you basically get to see Bayonetta naked (with all the fun bits carefully covered up). Clearly this is all speculation at this point, but I can’t imagine there is any amount of sanitizing or armor that could make Bayonetta palatable to the parents of younger children. The more naked she gets, the more her powers grow. That seems canon enough that it would be hard to change at this point in the franchise. So rather than a negative move for Bayonetta, this could be a smart move by Nintendo to ensure that it starts adding new types of games to its repetoire to ensure that the Wii U doesn’t gather dust on people’s shelves like many Wiis are currently doing (mine included and I just bought one this summer). Either way, I’ll be keeping tabs on this story as it develops to keep you all up to date on the fate of our favorite violent vixen.


  1. I’m pretty certain this situation is much like the cycle of JRPGS that would debut on Xbox as exclusives and then come out a six to nine months later with more content on PS3. Platinum got bonus money for development from Nintendo to be an exclusive for a (potentially long) period of time and make the Wii U more enticing to “core” gamers and it’ll eventually hit the other two.

    …Or I could be wrong and Ninty is being aggressive about courting third parties that aren’t shovel ware this time around and everything from Platinum from here on will be Wii U only.

    • I am potentially going to buy a Wii U anyway, so I don’t like really really care, but it would be nice if it would become available for PS3 and Xbox. It does seem as if Nintendo is attempting to agressively court third-party developers this go-around, which could potentially make the Wii U an exciting system. I’ll probably wait long enough to try to figure out which way it’ll go

      • I suppose either way is a win. Either Devs get more money to makes games that I can pick up after the bugs are ironed and the DLC is sold or the Wii U gets a huge stable of 3rd party games and its the second coming of the ps2. The next year is going to be interesting to say they least

  2. Great analysis! I never thought of looking at the original trailer. I had no idea they were so similar!

    I can see how people would think the game would get “toned down” with the jump to the Wii U, but, given your argument, it’s either too early to tell or everything’s gonna be fine.

    Great post!

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