Catwoman Gets Armor AND It Covers Skin!

So for those of you that pay attention to video game news, you probably should have heard that the Wii U is going to have an “armored edition” of Batman: Arkham City. If you haven’t, here’s the gameinformer, kotaku, and comicsalliance versions of the story. To sum it up, the Wii U Version of Batman: Arkham City

Armored Edition
features a new skin for both Batman  and Catwoman, and go figure, it adds more armor to them.

It looks like Batman merged with Cole MacGrath

Catwoman is one of my favorite female characters of all time, and I completely realize how problematic a character she can be. When I heard they were adding “armor” to her I got a bit down in the dumps. Why? Because frequently in video games when a character’s defense goes up aka they add armor, they get more naked. In his article “Fantasy Armor and Lady Bits” Ryan from the Mad Art Lab points out that

Math…we meet again.

For those of us that aren’t math inclined (me) this typically means that the higher the armor quality, the more skin is exposed, and the larger your character’s cup size is, even more skin is exposed. Sure, I like my character’s to be good looking (hey, fantasy world) but this type of armor can be a bit obscene and breaks the fantasy for me because of how unrealistic it is. If you expect to be shield by incoming arrows, fire balls, or lightning bolts, you should probably expect to wear full armor much like male characters do. The tumblr Women Fighters in Reasonable Armor is dedicated to providing images of women in proper armor, and this article by Beck Chambers over at the Mary Sue argues that yes, women can wear real armor just like the big boys. Coming from this sort of background, I fully expected to see Catwoman completely naked (even though the Wii U is a family oriented system). Low and behold, Catwoman’s new armor actually covers up her skin!

Still not sure why the armor glows…

Rather than unzipping her cat suit, the armored edition covers up the cleavage that Catwoman is clearly known for , and glows to boot. While this isn’t my favorite Catwoman costume ever (I’m fairly partial to the costume in Batman: The Animated Series), the armor does what it is supposed to do: cover her body.


  1. Yes, one of the worst cases of women-without-real-armor that I’ve seen is Isabela in Dragon Age 2. I loved Isabela, but that ridiculous outfit bugged me. But then I thought, well, maybe the reason she and other scantily-clad female fighters don’t wear much armor is because they don’t need it like the boys do. They’re just too tough to need all that clunky metal.

    Really though, I love the look of this armor for Catwoman! It’s still form-fitting which is all well and good, but now she looks like she can take some real damage, too. Very cool.

    • Yeah, with Isabella too I just imagine it’s her personality. In Dragon Age: Origins when you meet her she trounces you, so clearly she’s pretty skilled as well. What I did like in Dragon Age: 2 was that you had Aveline in full armor to balance out Isabella’s lack. There was a wide variety of clothing among the female and male characters.

  2. The armor on Catwoman is quite nice actually. It’s still sleek and sexy without needing to expose skin at all.

    I have to admit, it is incredibly funny and absurd when you encounter female video game characters whose armor is next to nothing compared to the males. Yes, it is a fantasy, but there should be some plausibility as to why a character would wear what they wear. As Ashley Hagood pointed out, Isabella of Dragon Age 2 is one of those characters who doesn’t wear proper armor (even though she should given her high chances of getting into a fight).

    • Yeah. There is no reason for every single female character to have no armor. Kinda like I responded to Ashley, in Dragon Age: 2 there is some balance between the way the various female characters are portrayed and those representations tie in to personality.

      In a game like League of Legends or quite a few fantasy MMO’s there is absolutely no reason to have every single female character half naked. I think there are maybe two female League of Legends characters that are full clothed out of 50, with typically nothing in their backs tories to explain how that would tie in at all.

  3. I didn’t question Isabela too much because it seemed to fit her and the way she does business: seduce and stab in the back. Her seductive bandit personality, weapons, and outfit meshed well. She ticked me off though; I never trusted her and, well, she left!

    Prefer Aveline all around: she’s a strong, noble character who kicks ass and looks dang good in full armor. The fact that she basically friend-zones male players is also rather hilarious. Imagine if THAT mechanic became widespread, bahaha.

  4. […] However, Arkham City has been slammed for perceived sexism. Catwoman may be a powerful and confident female character, but the depiction can be problematic. Her character is programmed to walk in an unnatural, stylized manner designed to call attention to the character’s body instead of the titular city. Enemies overuse the term “bitch” to demean and threaten her. Even if the criminal element were to use the term realistically, being called a bitch by every single enemy that approaches calls to mind uncomfortable questions about how the developers themselves feel about strong female protagonists. There has been some effort to work on this perception with the new Wii U re-release, featuring Catwoman in body armor. […]

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