Guild Wars 2 Developers: "Name not ok – Adolph Critler"

So this post from Terra Nova brought to my attention that Guild Wars 2 developers are answering user questions about why accounts have been banned. They have a huge thread on Reddit. So, if your account has been banned, and for some reason you believe that it wasn’t gold famers, you can ask the Guild Wars 2 developers exactly why your account was banned. Here’s one of my favorites



“Name: OK Chat: Not ok — Neurologic: “the worm IS fucking hard if you’re a fucking mentalpatient no we fucking dont you can take a keep with 5 people if you’re not a fucking dickhead”

If you read through the Reddit thread you can see quite a few good responses. I think this is a great tactic from the developers to demonstrate early on in the game where they stand on offensive language. This opens up a dialogue where gamers for once can see what exactly is okay and not okay. I personally wonder how many of these people realized that what they were saying was offensive. Also, it is slightly disheartening how many troll comments there are after the developers explain some of the language offenses. Overall I think this is a really positive move, and I’m glad that it is on Reddit where it can be documented for all internet posterity. Some of the comments that got players banned make absolutely no sense grammatically, in that it appears as if random offensive words were just strung together lacking any sort of verb or noun to properly guide the sentence. Also, the confusion of some of the people with banned accounts is priceless. “It’s not okay to call people fucking mental patients?” Here’s a screen shot of the thread if you think it’s too ridiculous to be real (click for a bigger pic):

This is a real, amazing thing people!

If you typically play single player games you can read the threads for a better idea of what online gaming can be like. If you play online games, hopefully this step by the Guild Wars 2 developers will start making it and other online games a more pleasant place to inhabit. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go mine that thread for troll gold.


  1. What’s most amusing (in a black humor sort of way) are the people posting on the thread acting all innocent asking “What did I do?” and having ANet come back with chat logs dripping with vile hate speech.

    It really emphasizes how detached people on the internet can be from what they are actually saying to another human being.

    • I think it’s funny as hell. But it does sadly point out how much people separate “real life” from “internet life”. I think perhaps this is a good step towards helping people realize that disjunction. Although I have to admit, some of the inappropriate user names are super clever.

  2. I barely understand that comment made just like the poster in the thread said in response to that comment. I’ve heard Reddit is notorious for having internet trolls on there, but I hardly venture there myself. Still, that thread does point out how ridiculous and immature people can be when everyone else in the community are trying to have a regular discussion.

  3. Yeah, I’m pleased about this move, too. It’s nice to have a gaming company be vigilant enough to enforce behavioral rules.

    I also LOVE the translator person in that thread. I’d like to see a tumblr of online gaming screed translated like that. Hilarious.

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