Leading Lady Links: Don't Be a Dick

So today we’re continuing this week’s roundup, to see what I covered yesterday you look mosey on over to this post.  The first story I’m going to cover is Wil Wheaton’s 40th birthday! For his birthday on July 29, he launched the website don’tbeadickday.com. Here’s the gist of the website:


Also, if you don’t quite know how to accomplish that, here is a helpful infographic chart:


Sage advice for everyone on the internet! So if you ever had a crush on the young Wesley Crusher, or you enjoy his series on tabletop gaming at Geek and Sundry, then you can honor Wil Wheaton everyday by following the simple rule: don’t be a dick.

Speaking of people who are attempting not to be dicks, Kotaku recently released a series called 1st Person Perspective where they interview everyday gamers about random topics. The fist topic considered was “Strong Female Characters”. This gives an interesting look at what some everyday guys think of female characters, and I was amazed at the lack of dickishness! If i had any internet skillz whatsoever I would be able to embed the video, but due to technical ineptitude I simply advise you to go watch the video here.

Of all the systems currently out, it appears like the Nintendo DS is the system that invites equal amounts of dicks and chicks to play it. If you look at IGN.com, all their female writers and editors primarily write for the DS section of the website (which is a rant for another day). In Japan, Nintendo gets Japanese Female Stars to advertise the DS, according to this article. As the article notes

It’s not just enough to be popular. Nintendo picks actresses or models who are popular with females, instead of pandering to males by picking the latest bikini model. That isn’t to say some of the woman in Nintendo’s ads are not former bikini models—some are. Buy they’ve moved on to either mainstream modeling or acting, and they have cross gender appeal

It makes me wonder how consoles in the US would market their systems for a cross-gender approach, or if a similar approach would work here.

Yes clearly, this post is already a bit Kotaku heavy, but here is one more article of interest from Kotaku about *gasp* race AND gender! The article, Assasin’s Creed New Black Heroine Represents a New Kind of Liberation” points out that black female protagonists are hard to find in most video games, and that the new  Assassin’s Creed: Liberation game is an anomaly in the gaming world because that’s who you get to play as.


I would just like to say I am super excited about this, even though I’m usually only feel “meh” about Assasin’s Creed. I may have to pick up a Vita just to see how well they do with a black female protagonist in this game.

Moving on from Kotaku, 1up has a great article by gamer Kat Bailey about “Being the Only Girl in a Madden League” If you thought being a girl in the gaming world was rough, try being a girl in sports gaming! What sounds like it could be a horror story littered with brotastic anecdotes, turns into an inclusive, fun experience. Bailey points out that:

 One thing I’ve discovered over the years about gaming is that it’s more inclusive than most people realize. For every reprehensible claim that sexual harassment is “part of the culture” of a gaming community, there are at least 31 gamers who know better. Yes, even in a game like Madden NFL.

So basically, even in a game like Madden NFL, people know how not to be dicks. I feel like there is a lesson to be learned in this for 4chan trolls…

For people that have experienced gendered bullying in video games, Marina Martinez and friends made this video discussing bullying, and ways to respond and deal with it. It’s about a 120 minute long video,  but really interesting if you’re into this stuff, or want to learn how to better handle bullying. The main video starts at about 4 minutes in, until then its mainly them setting up.  EDIT: Apparently my embedding skillz have proven worthless again, here is a link to the video!

Finally, AN ARTICLE ABOUT BOOTH BABES FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF A BOOTH BABE! Okay, maybe that wasn’t something to yell about, but it got me excited! Booth babes get a lot of flack from people who want the video game world to be ‘more respectable’ and they also have to deal with people that are fairly excited to emerge from their caves and see girls. So, this article by Elaine Low over at Jezebel adds an interesting perspective to the whole to booth babe or not to booth babe debate. My favorite quote of the article:

That we have recurring conversations about the necessity or frivolity of booth babes is a silly attempt at misdirection. Maybe those who frown upon slutty-looking costumes should petition game developers to stop designing slutty-looking video game characters.

So maybe if we treated women like normal human beings in-games, gamers would learn to treat women as normal human beings outside of game??? CRAZY!!!! Also, a great suggestion for how game developers can cut down on being dicks.

So clearly, if you’ve learned one thing from this post, it is clearly that being a vagina is clearly preferred over being a dick…wait…what? Er…maybe that’s not the lesson. This list of articles was the least dickish I’ve posted about so far, and hopefully the internet can continue this trend into the next!


  1. Hey, thanks for the shout out! I should say that the video is actually 120 minutes, don’t want to get anybody excited for a short show. But we had a lot of fun making it, and there will hopefully be a lot more where that came from in the future.

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