An Ipod/Ipad Controller?

So, Thursday’s are usually the day I’ve set aside for posting pictures and other nonsense. Instead of cute nonsense, today here are some pictures from the patent Apple has filed for a dual-shock controller.





Looks nifty (and very familiar). For more information/speculation you can check out this article from Kotaku and this article from GameRevolution. Do you think this means we’re going to see an Apple gaming system, or are gaming apps just going to get more intense?



  1. Even if this comes true (please, please, please I hope it does) I doubt we will see an Apple gaming system, though I suspect we will definitely see more intense games. This is starting to happen already. In the space of a couple of years Apple & Android games have come a long way e.g. Infinity Blade, ShawdowGun, something which I believe will continue.

    Fingers crossed the controller comes true!!

    • I also doubt we’ll see an Apple gaming system, but I really would adore having a controller for my iPod. The touch interface isn’t always as intuitive as it should be, and having grown up with controllers they honestly just feel better! Also, I agree that hopefully they would encourage more intense games. I think Android/Apple games show how different and diverse gaming can be outside a console, but I also think that having a controller would be beneficial to most people seriously interested in gaming.

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